Sports Medication

Athletes and sports enthusiasts may need custom sports medication fro a compounding pharmacy

Our compounding pharmacy is a trusted source for custom formulated sports medication in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Clinical Compounding Pharmacist 

Make the most of your recovery time and relieve pain intelligently while training and competing.

Athletes of all ages suffer from sports-related injuries and frequently seek relief from health practitioners. Even regular athletic activity can lead to injury, pain and infection if individuals are not taking proper care of their bodies. Athletic and personal trainers, sports medicine physicians and physical therapists seek out compounding pharmacies to help their patients heal faster, rehabilitate more efficiently and manage pain while they heal.

Our compounding professionals ensure that each patient receives the optimal dose and delivery method needed to recover and sustain their active lifestyle.

Sports Medication Compounding Services:

The Benefits Of A Sports Medicine Compounding Pharmacy

Recovery from multiple symptoms: Athletes can suffer from various injuries at once, which leads to taking multiple medications simultaneously in order to manage symptoms and promote the healing process. Mixing medications every day is unpleasant, time-consuming and is potentially harmful if one doesn’t take the doses correctly. We make it easy for athletes to have their entire medicine regimen compounded into single, precise doses.

Athletes and sports enthusiasts may need custom sports medication fro a compounding pharmacy.

Precision with managing doses: Doctors usually advise their patients to decrease the amount of painkillers as their symptoms improve, since taking more medicine than necessary can result in adverse health reactions. Athletes often need to guesstimate to manage their dosing, which increases risks associated with using addictive pain relieving substances. This is why we provide accurate doses to ensure a safe and effective therapy for every patient.

Alternative delivery methods: While oral painkillers and anti-inflammatories are suitable for a long list of health issues, there are many times where an athlete may prefer an alternative to pills or gel capsules. A compounding pharmacy specializing in sports medicine conveniently provides patients with access to topical healing creams and gels. Topical painkillers have the following advantages over oral medication for athletes:

Athletes and sports enthusiasts may need custom sports medication fro a compounding pharmacy.

We provide 24/7 live answering service,
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We treat urgent matters and can have your medication
ready and delivered within 24 hours**

* Free delivery with $65 minimum order, excluding rush deliveries.

** Weekdays only. Refills must be available. Some orders may require more time to process depending on the type of compound(s) needed.

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