Veterinary Medications

Compounding pharmacy specialized in Veterinary Medications for all animals

We compound specialized veterinary medications that meet the unique needs of each animal – household pets, exotics, horses, and zoo animals too.

Arezou Petrie, RPh

Compounding Specialist

Our compounding pharmacy can prepare:

Custom flavored medication
Tuna, beef, chicken… And fruity flavors for birds.
Individualized size, strength, and dosage form
No more trying to re-measure and split commercially manufactured doses yourself.
Unavailable Medications
Many medications needed by animals are not typically manufactured by drug companies. We source the necessary pharmaceutical-grade materials to formulate exactly what your pet needs.
Custom combinations to facilitate administration and improve compliance:
Multiple medications in one safe, easy to administer and ultra-effective formulation.
Novel devices and delivery systems:
Topical creams or ointments, special cleansers, slow-release implant formulations, transdermal patches and other needle-free and pill-free delivery systems.

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Giving your animal its medicine can be quite challenging, and a real struggle when there’s more than one prescription to administer.

We customize medication with pet-friendly flavors, and can combine medicines for easy intake and higher treatment effectiveness. In some cases, we can avoid oral delivery all-together and formulate transdermal medication to be absorbed through the skin.

We work with veterinarians to broaden their prescribing abilities and to offer dosage forms that are patient-specific in strength and formulation. We meet the high quality standards of veterinarians and pet owners. We also meet everyone’s financial goals by matching or beating any lower price.

We assist veterinarians and animal owners to provide the most optimal treatment solutions at a lower cost.

Parasites and allergies can cause trouble year-round for many animals in Los Angeles.

Compounded allergy medicine could be the best solution for dogs with unique medical concerns or more severe symptoms requiring individualized treatment. We help treat skin allergies, food allergies and environmental allergies, which can cause your pet discomfort throughout the year due to the warm and sunny Los Angeles climate.

Oral antihistamines and anti-inflammatory medications can potentially be dangerous for some dogs or cats. Certain pets also have intolerances to common flea and tick treatments. 

An experienced compounding pharmacy can solve these problems with gentle and effective alternatives, specifically formulated for the needs of any animal.

We provide 24/7 live answering service,
along with free delivery within 50 miles*

We treat urgent matters and can have your medication
ready and delivered within 24 hours**

* Free delivery with $65 minimum order, excluding rush deliveries.

** Weekdays only. Refills must be available. Some orders may require more time to process depending on the type of compound(s) needed.

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